Arianna and Miosotis do the mammary mambo

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Arianna and Miosotis do the mammary mambo

Two true big-titted sex titans, Arianna Sinn and "20 Club" member Miosotis, meet in this scene. Actually, they do a lot more than meet, even though, as Elliot pointed out when this video was first posted at SCORELAND, Arianna is Romanian and doesn't speak Spanish and Miosotis is from the Dominican Republic and doesn't speak Romanian or much English. Wrote Elliot, "They shared the telepathic communication that naturally big-breasted women use."

This scene was shot in the Dominican Republic, where we traveled with Arianna, Miosotis and a very lucky stud for the feature DVD Mammary Mambo.

"I want Miosotis to dominate me," Arianna said. "I want Miosotis to tease me with her tongue. Lick my nipples and suck it. Lick my clit. I'm a Lesbian virgin, and I am so proud that Miosotis will be the first one."

This chapter from Mammary Mambo has Arianna getting fucked by a porn cock while Miosotis enjoys the visual splendor of that moment. And now you can, too. Read More »
Featuring: Arianna Sinn and Miosotis
Date: March 3rd, 2022
Duration: 15:59

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2 years ago 

Best MFF ever!? Maybe!

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