Mamma Mia! Love Those Italian Girls

Miranda - Solo Big Tits video
Everyone at TSG knows I have a soft spot in my heart for girls from other countries. I love their accents and their personalities are charming. Unfortunately, due to new US government regulations (called 2257), we can't photograph them in America anymore. We have to go to their countries or some other off-shore location now so I don't meet them inside our building anymore.

Miranda was a hot new Voluptuous Girl back in 2004. She was an Italian living in New York on a student visa. She's a big babe and built like a brick Italian villa. Huge tits like you wouldn't believe and an accent straight out of a Gina Lollobrigida movie. I was totally in a glazed state the whole time Dave and I interviewed her. (It's still archived at SCORELAND.)

You can imagine the reaction she got when she walked down a Manhattan street. "They whistle at me. They go crazy. They say things when I walk by. Sometimes they can be very rude, but they can't help it."

She understood what she was packing.


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11 years ago 

thank you scoreland you've given my cock quite the awssome orgasams I never new it could be so satisfying thank you cant get enough......

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