All about Mischel Lee's tits, hairy pussy and piercings

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All about Mischel Lee's tits, hairy pussy and piercings

A lot of things about Czech chick Mischel Lee are intriguing. Her big tits. Her hairy pussy. The fact that her photographer says she's very shy.

"Yes, it's true. I'm very passive," she said. "I'm shy. I do not dress to draw attention when I go out. Maybe sometimes at night, but most times, I don't wear tops that show my boobs."

But what really intrigues me are her pussy piercings, which are on full display in this solo masturbation video. Elliot talked to Mischel about her pussy and her tits.

SCORELAND: Do you find pubic hair erotic?

Mischel: Yes, it's very erotic for me. That's why I keep my pussy hairy.

SCORELAND: Have you always had your pubic hair?

Mischel: Of course, I have shaved in my life but that's just not my style. All models are shaved like babies now and I know that men like at least a little hair!

SCORELAND: What made you want to make your breasts bigger?

Mischel: Which woman doesn't want to have bigger breasts? I didn't have a special reason. I wanted to have… Read More »
Featuring: Mischel Lee
Date: January 6th, 2021
Duration: 18:28

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