Summer Sinn, Morgan Leigh & JMac

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Summer Sinn, Morgan Leigh & JMac

Here we have two blonde, big-titted babes. One has fucked on-camera a lot. The other never fucked on-camera but did do a tit-fuck scene (a day before this scene was shot). Judging by their personalities, the one you'd guess doesn't fuck on-camera is the one you'd guess did fuck on-camera and vice versa. Summer Sinn is the one who you wouldn't guess would fuck on-camera. She's a quiet, soft-spoken girl from Boston. Morgan Leigh is the one you'd guess would fuck on-camera. She's a little more forward with her sexuality and sailed on the final Boob Cruise in 2000.

This scene, in which Summer sucks and fucks while Morgan sometimes plays third wheel and sometimes sucks on and plays with Summer's tits, happened because Summer and Morgan were in our studio at the same time for different shoots. They got along so well that they compared their tits while trying on tight sweaters and tops, and then JMac came along and stuck his dick in the middle of the show.

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Featuring: Morgan Leigh and Summer Sinn
Date: September 13th, 2022
Duration: 22:46

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