Slim, Stacked & Sexed-up

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Slim, Stacked & Sexed-up

You don't need to see a hardcore porn photo or a video clip to figure out real quick that Nadia Villanova does hardcore porn, a lot of it, and she does it very well. Nadia, who's also used the stage name August Taylor, has the hardcore porn look, face and body.

Nadia is a porn athlete. She does the wild sex moves and sex acts that the average girl doesn't do and that's the purpose of porn. Porn sex is not everyday sex. This video and the photos illustrate her advanced skills. The reason we watch porn is to see super-hot girls do things most "regular" girls don't do (the exceptions being girls who fancy themselves porn stars in private).

Nadia summed it up. "Doing porn is the most-fun out of all of the things I have done. How else can a girl get sex like this? Before porn, I was used to guys with six inches, seven inches at most. And now, after fucking these porn star dudes, holy shit! It's like a different world! It's pretty awesome. And I just love it.

"I masturbate all the… Read More »
Featuring: Nadia Villanova and J Mac
Date: July 23rd, 2021
Duration: 32:41

Member Comments

2 years ago 

August Taylor is amazing. She has a fantastic body and loves to fuck. She is so passionate in every scene. I would love to have her for a night.

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