The sweet body of Natasha Dulce

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The sweet body of Natasha Dulce

Natasha Dulce was a dancer in Tampa, Florida, a city with many strip clubs, when we found her. SCORE Editor Dave directs and guides the beginning of this scene, and Natasha is a happy student. Sergio, a lucky bastard who's fucked Eva Notty and other busty hotties, kindly kept quiet and just provided the flesh-and-blood dildo for Natasha to suck and ride.

Natasha told an unusual story about how she became a stripper and lap dancer. She was working at McDonald's when the game-changing event happened.

"I wasn't wearing my hat," Natasha said, "and my manager told me to go home, and at that time my car was in the shop so my parents had to drop me off at work. Well, that happened like 10 minutes after they'd dropped me off, so my mom got really mad, and then my dad ended up picking me up, and he cussed out the store manager, and then she fired me. I started looking for a job, and it took me like two weeks to think, 'Why don't I just start dancing?' and I started at a bikini bar. I told… Read More »
Featuring: Natasha Dulce and Sergio
Date: August 10th, 2023
Duration: 42:48

Member Comments

This girl is something special. The opening has so much chatter that it feels like a rehearsal, but once we get into the scene things really get going. This young lady has an extraordinary body and knows how to use it.

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