Natasha Dulce takes on the Champ of big cocks

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Natasha Dulce takes on the Champ of big cocks

First, Natasha Dulce was fired from her job at McDonald's for not wearing a hat. Then she became a dancer at one of Tampa, Florida's notorious lap dance joints. The kind of place where some guys stick on a condom before they get a lap dance. Not because they're expecting sex. Because they're expecting to cum.

Elliot James once collected his favorite Natasha quotes. They are as follows:

"People think I'm a sweet girl. They say, 'Oh, you look so innocent.'"

Natasha sounds sweet, too.

"Some of my friends might have more sex than me, and I have a lot of sex."

I need to meet those friends.

"I dance at a lot of places and I have run into a lot of people I know. You can't forget my tits. Nobody forgets about me."

Natasha is memorable. So are her tits.

"I would feel weird whenever the teachers would stare at my boobs. I'd cross my arms across my chest or zip my jacket up. You really don't want your teacher looking at your boobs in high school. Maybe in college, but in high school, it… Read More »
Featuring: Natasha Dulce and Johnny Champ
Date: May 22nd, 2024
Duration: 20:34

Member Comments

natasha is actually my favorite girl, and i"ll tell you why. she said that that she was happy that her body made men happy, and i just love that. I think i just might have a shot. if you are ever in new mexico, look me up. xoxo greg

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