Good girl/bad girl roommates

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Good girl/bad girl roommates

Nikki Smith and Scarlet LaVey could not be more different. Nikki is a girl-next-door from Northern California. She looks sweet and approachable. She has sex while going on nature walks.

Oh, I forgot something. Her mother fucks on-camera, too. She did that at

Scarlet is dark-haired and from Southern California. She has a lot of tattoos. She loves Latex lingerie and the Goth look. Elliot once wrote, "If Scarlet looks like the kind of girl who'd fuck your brains out in the restroom at a Goth metal concert, well, maybe she would." No nature walks for Scarlet.

Of course, they have something very important in common: voluptuous bodies and huge, natural racks.

In this scene, Nikki and Scarlet are roommates. Okay. I guess that could happen. Scarlet is doing some work around the house. Nikki is hanging out on the couch with a guy. They start making out. Scarlet comes out holding Nikki's bra. The guy gets an eyeful of Scarlet. He decides he wants her, too. Because… Read More »

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Date: August 28th, 2020
Duration: 22:09

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nice love the ink also...

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