Big-Boobed Water Nymph

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Big-Boobed Water Nymph

It's bikini time for Paige Turner. Natural boobs float and Paige has got a lot to float. She floats our boats, for sure. We can only imagine what a ruckus she raises when she goes to a beach or a public pool.

Each heavy, tan-lined knocker is much bigger than your head, and she can self-suck her own nipples, something she does in the pool. We believe she could motorboat her own face. Heading indoors, a still-wet Paige masturbates on a staircase, finger-banging her pink pussy and spreading her ass-cheeks.

"I was picked-on in school because of my big boobs," Paige said. "I love my tits! I'm very happy with them. I like the attention I get as long as it's good and the guys are nice." Read More »
Featuring: Paige Turner
Date: November 11th, 2023
Duration: 13:27

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