Revenge is sweet

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Revenge is sweet

This scene is what happens when you bring together two busty brainiacs and show them a cock. When we first met Panther, she was going for a Masters degree in business economics. As for Sabina Leigh, she told us, "I'm a sex educator and sex researcher." She also told us, "I do a lot of reading. I'm kind of a nerd, so I'm on the computer a lot."

In this scene from the DVD Pounding The Pledges, Sabina and Panther have been assigned by sorority president Gianna Ross to "take care of" the guy who's dating one of Gianna's least-favorite girls on campus. By "take care of," she means fuck. Eager to pledge to the sorority--and horny as usual--the girls do as they're told. Panther sucks and fucks the dude while Sabina Leigh films it and masturbates.

Panther went on to become a porn star. Sabina Leigh didn't, even though she could have. The funny thing is that Sabina's interests were sex, sex and more sex (she designed sex toys) while Panther told us her hobbies were crocheting, going to… Read More »
Date: December 26th, 2023
Duration: 21:35

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