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Chesty Chica

This video has one of the things I love to see big-boobed girls doing, and that's dancing. Thought I would write fucking, eh?

When it comes to dancing, Latin girls are damned near impossible to top. If you watch Spanish-language TV shows, the women (usually pretty, stacked and wearing sexy dresses that fit them like a glove) will burst into a dance number in a split second for no reason. Paola Rios, a Paraguayan, is just like that and busts out into a healthy dance session at 17:25 into this video.

Paola and Buenos Aries were a good match, and she was very comfortable in the house our staff rented. It was a good week. There are photos and videos of her with a huge smile walking around that cosmopolitan city. She's not naked, but she is wearing a nice tight sweater.

"I originally wanted to become a vedette [a Latin nightclub showgirl or entertainer], but I became a photo model instead," Paola said. "Every man I have ever met has been obsessed by big tits. When I go out with… Read More »

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Featuring: Paola Rios
Date: October 17th, 2023
Duration: 24:24

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I appreciate her being totally nude but the camera needs to pull back so we can see her entire body as she dances and wiggles.

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