Puma Swede: It's hot in Sweden

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Puma Swede: It's hot in Sweden

When we first met Puma, she went by the name Johanna, and in all honesty, she didn't do much. Sure, she was beautiful and sexy, and she showed us her tits, but this "Absolute Babe," as we called her, showed us her pussy hair and nothing more. No spreading. No pussy.

Fast-forward and this frisky, high-energy sexpot from Stockholm, Sweden was going by the name Puma Swede and doing everything. Showing off her pretty pussy and luscious ass. Fucking and sucking on camera. Doing the things we wish she had been doing all along. But she was worth the wait.

"What are your sexual fantasies?" we asked her.

"To be molested by my gynecologist," Puma said.

"What sexually satisfies you best?" we asked her.

"Getting fucked real good," Puma said.

Basically, we liked Johanna, but we love Puma, who would go on to become a big-time porn star.

"I've done a lot of crazy shit like running in the streets naked, jumping on cars and fucking in public," she said. "Me and a girlfriend were out partying… Read More »
Featuring: Puma Swede and Levi Cash
Date: July 28th, 2020
Duration: 18:40

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