Sabrina-Jade: Damsel in dat dress

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Sabrina-Jade: Damsel in dat dress

Sabrina-Jade, a divorcee and mom from Bedfordshire, England, is a mature hottie with big, natural tits who wanted to try modeling. Instead of dismissing that idea as a fantasy, like most women do, she decided to contact us. Because of her tits, she's been in Voluptuous magazine, and because she's also a sexy, mature woman, she's been in the movie Big Racks, Hot MILFs 4.

Sabrina-Jade is a seamstress.

"I tailor my own clothes because my big breasts and small back can be a problem with standard sizes," she said. "I love sexy clothing and heels. I own many sexy dresses, catsuits, corsets, PVC and leather clothing, lots of boots and shoes and, oh yes, bondage outfits as well."

Funniest pickup line a guy has ever laid on her: "In Tesco, a guy did ask where the melons were."

I know exactly where they are.

In this scene, it's early in the morning, and there's a knock on the door. Sam is a little angry about being bothered so early, but when he answers the door and sees a desperate… Read More »
Featuring: Sabrina-Jade
Date: July 16th, 2020
Duration: 19:59

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2 years ago 

WOW!!!! Incredible tits!!!

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