The Girl You Could Take Home to Mama Gets Ass-Fucked

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The Girl You Could Take Home to Mama Gets Ass-Fucked

I have a thing for Sandra Star, and when I say "I have a thing," I don't mean I want to date her (although I would) or marry her (that would take some careful consideration). It doesn't even mean I want to fuck her (although I definitely would). What I'm saying is, when I have some private time, Sandra is one of the girls I most like to hang out with. There are several reasons for this:

1. Despite her smokin' body, she comes across as the kind of girl you could bring home to meet the parents. Now, you could fuck her and then bring her home, or you could bring her home then fuck her, or you could fuck her on both ends with a visit to the parents in between, but what I'm saying is, it's great when a girl is both the girl-next-door and a fuck doll.

2. She always looks like she's having a great time when she's fucking. She smiles when she's getting fucked and I think she'd even smile when there's a cock in her mouth but, of course, a girl can't smile when there'a cock in her mouth. But… Read More »

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Featuring: Sandra Star and Kamil Klein
Date: August 18th, 2023
Duration: 27:55

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Why the low ratings guys? She is beautiful!

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