It's shower and pussy time with Selena Adams

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It's shower and pussy time with Selena Adams

Selena Adams is the kind of girl we think we see all over Miami. I say "think" because it's been my experience that we often see a girl in public with what we think are huge tits, but upon further inspection (meaning getting her clothes off), we realize she isn't SCORE or Voluptuous material. Selena is, and she has a big booty, too. She would have been a star in BootyLicious magazine when we published it. Alas.

Selena is a real estate broker. I've had my say about that. Female Miami real estate brokers are very competitive, so they often try to sell their properties by putting their tits and asses forward. These have to be some of the most-provocatively dressed women in the world.

"I love to flaunt what I have," Selena said. "I love to flaunt my big boobs. I wear shirts with a lot of cleavage. I want all eyes on me."

SCORELAND: What makes you laugh?

Selena: Being goofy with friends and family.

SCORELAND: What kinds of things make you hot?

Selena: Getting eaten out and reading… Read More »
Featuring: Selena Adams
Date: January 25th, 2023
Duration: 18:24

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1 year ago 

Amazing body and booty shorts

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