Shannon Blue's threesome dream comes true

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Shannon Blue's threesome dream comes true

Some people are dreamers, not doers. They spend their lives fantasizing about what they want to be and/or what they want to do but never actually make those fantasies a reality.

Shannon Blue used to be a dreamer. Now she's a doer. She dreamed about having big tits. When she got divorced, she used part of her settlement to make that fantasy come true. She also dreamed about getting fucked by two hung men. She came to us and made that fantasy come true. And we get to watch her, which is one of our fantasies.

"I have no time for hobbies now," Shannon said. "I do enjoy long walks and I do yoga most days. And I like watching tennis. I like to go for drinks at my favorite bars in the city, saving time for hot sex."

Shannon lives in Birmingham, England. We asked her if she has any special talents, other than sucking cock and fucking, and she said, "No, but who needs a talent when you have large tits?" Exactly.

Shannon is into Latex and mild BDSM. When she's alone, she fucks her pussy… Read More »
Featuring: Shannon Blue, Matt Darco, and Steve Q
Date: December 31st, 2021
Duration: 28:56

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