Getting to know Stassi Rossi

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Getting to know Stassi Rossi

It's a beautiful day in Southern California for blonde, big-boobed, bootylicous, super-curvy babe Stassi Rossi to make her SCORELAND2 debut. The 2020 SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year tells us about herself then gets her tits and ass out and shows us how she gets off with a vibrator. She's excellent at talking dirty and encouraging you to jack your cock and shoot your load on her, too. And she squirts!

A guy who was flirting with Stassi (pronounced "Stah-si") once said to her, "This is your world, Stassi. We just live in it to pleasure you." Truer words have never been spoken. Stassi is a sex bomb who loves and worships her H-cup breasts and big, round booty and loves having them worshiped.

"I always dress super-sexy," Stassi said. "I pretty much live out all of my sexual fantasies. It is my birthright to be pleasured and worshiped. I cum three or more times a day. I pleasure myself three-plus times a day. I love the world to see and share every sexual experience I have."

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Featuring: Stassi Rossi
Date: June 22nd, 2022

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