Stassi Rossi and the boob-eyed jogger

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Stassi Rossi and the boob-eyed jogger

This scene has one of my favorite scenarios. A guy is out jogging when he passes big-titted, big-assed Stassi Rossi, who's running from the opposite direction. He's momentarily distracted and trips over his own feet. Some athlete he is. But Stassi comes to his rescue and invites him over to her place down the street so she can tend to him. Back at her house, she cleans up Stirling's scrape, and when he stands up, she sees that he's got a hard-on.

I'd like to point out right here that I've done a lot of running and have seen a lot of hot runners, but I've never seen a runner as built as Stassi and I've never had this happen to me. I wish it had happened, but it hasn't.

Stassi won 2020 SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year, and it really wasn't close. This was interesting because until then, she had never appeared in SCORE magazine. Because of the pandemic, we separated the SCORELAND and SCORE awards voting, and SCORELAND members went for Stassi. Stassi is built like a Voluptuous Girl but… Read More »
Featuring: Stassi Rossi and Stirling Cooper
Date: September 29th, 2022
Duration: 22:16

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