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Tool Time Girl

I'm always happy to see Stephanie Stalls in our studio. Of course, part of that is because she's short 'n' stacked with big, fat F-cup tits, but there's more to it than that. Whenever Stephanie is in our studio, she always has a big smile on her face, and she's always horny, and she's always telling me about her latest adventures on the lap-dancing trail. You know, back in the 1990s and early 2000s, big-titted feature dancers dotted the landscape, but these days, they're a rare breed. Stephanie is a lap dancer extraordinaire.

The thing is, if you happen to get a lapdance from Stephanie, be polite. Don't just grab her tits or stick your finger up her snatch. Ask first. Or wait for Stephanie to guide your hands in the right direction. Or just sit back and enjoy the ride. With Stephanie, it's satisfaction guaranteed.

"I give long, hard, sexy lapdances," Stephanie told me. "Guys have a hard time not cumming in their pants. Not that they should bother trying!"

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Featuring: Stephanie Stalls and Juan Largo
Date: July 25th, 2023
Duration: 15:35

Member Comments

Stephanie Stalls certainly has a killer body and a lot of enthusiasm for screwing... but I felt distracted because I kept thinking I'd seen her somewhere. Eventually it came to me -- she is almost a lookalike for Ashley Broad, the loud-mouthed daughter in the reality show "Hardcore Pawn." Catch an episode after you've watched this and tell me I'm wrong.

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