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Big tits of Poland

Featuring: Vanessa Lilio
Date: August 8th, 2018
Duration: 11:22
Dave and I never got to meet Vanessa Lilio. She's called Wanessa in her native Poland because a V is a W there. One of our European photographers shot this photoset and video in Poland. We did, however, get to ask Vanessa some questions. I thought she had some interesting opinions about life and sex. Vanessa said she could tell a man's sexual prowess by how he dances. If he holds her close, moves rhythmically with her and touches her firmly but gently, she says she knows he will be good in bed. So, naturally, she goes out dancing a lot, especially on weekends. I guess she's auditioning partners. Vanessa also said her favorite place to have sex is a public restroom.

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