Vanessa Y., Nurse For What Ails Ya

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Vanessa Y., Nurse For What Ails Ya

Nurses and big tits. They go together like cookies and cream. SCORE and V-Girls come from all over the world. We get all types and all sizes. They have different kinds of occupations. But mostly, they're nurses. You know the nurse fantasy that's been played out so many times in porn movies and photos? Well, it's a fantasy based on fact. Many nurses have big tits, and many big-titted nurses come to SCORELAND. We've had more nurses than any other occupation. I've ventured a guess as to why that is (they're comfortable with the human body), but regardless of the reason, they're here and they're beautiful.

Vanessa Y., however, is not a nurse. She is a nurse in this scene, but that's just a fantasy. She could be a nurse. She's loving and caring. She has soft hands and a warm heart. Most of all, she has big, soft, natural tits.

Elliot described this scene as follows: "Vanessa first gives her big, jiggly boobs a hands-on examination. She stands and turns, sticking her ass out… Read More »

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Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: January 21st, 2022
Duration: 24:03

Member Comments

12 months ago 

Vanessa looks amazing in that nurses outfit. She is so beautiful amazing green eyes and unreal body .

1 year ago 

Her ass, is very fuckable too! Like all those curves cum together. Text book perfect nipples, icing on a cake oh those huge tits.

1 year ago 

Van Y is 1of my favorite lady's I love everything about her and love that beautiful Bush mmm more please !

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