Venera's wet Tee and pussy show

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Venera's wet Tee and pussy show

"I like to be on top when I have sex because then the man has a chance to play with my boobs a lot," said Venera, a true miracle of natural engineering with her H-cup naturals and 24-inch waist. "When he's playing with them, I like it when my nipples are sucked. Sometimes I like it when he's biting them. Soft. Just a little nibble so I can feel it. He is facing me and I like to slap his face with my breasts. Make him red. I love to do that!

"The best position for me to cum is on top. That's how I get my orgasms. He is fucking me and sucking or biting my nipples. That's how I cum."

Unfortunately, we've never seen Venera fuck on-camera. Fortunately, she's such a gifted solo model that it's easy to imagine what that would be like. In this scene, Venera gets her body wet in the shower. She plays with her tits. She spreads her long, thin legs and plays with her pink cunt. She bends over and lets her tits dangle enticingly and opens up her pussy and ass for the camera. It's one of her… Read More »
Featuring: Venera
Date: February 5th, 2023
Duration: 18:04

Member Comments

1 year ago 

One of the best Score scenes ever made. Incredible body

1 year ago 

What an amazing scene. Venera is a true Score goddess. Nothing like her body in the world. So beautiful and skinny with mind dropping tits . Perfect ass and legs and one of the greatest pussy in Score history.

She looks incredible . One if my favorite girls

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