Mom screwed by son's college roommate

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Mom screwed by son's college roommate

Vicky Vette started her life in porn at 38, and this was one of her first scenes.

This video tapped into Vicky's "mature lady with big tits" status. She's a mom visiting her son at college, and she fucks his roommate. She's on him like Mrs. Robinson on Benjamin in the film The Graduate. In other words, we boiled down the story and just showed what people really wanted to see, the mom getting fucked in the ass by this horny kid.

Vicky had a stacked, tight body and she's kept it that way 11 years after this video was shot. Vicky never seems to age, and in 2015, she'll be 50. She was born in Norway, moved to Montreal and has lived in the States for years.

Vicky says hot anal sex makes her orgasm. The guy who played the roommate rails Vicky's butt and she screams with every thrust, but we can see that Vicky's really the one in control. Vicky jerks his cock (instead of the usual guy jerking it off himself), and he blasts Vicky's face with nut-juice. After getting his brains banged… Read More »
Date: June 13th, 2024
Duration: 26:57

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