There's something about Victoria

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There's something about Victoria

There's something about Victoria Lane that has driven the guys who see her pictures and videos crazy.

"Victoria Lane has to be one of the hottest models in SCORE history," S.L. wrote when Victoria began modeling. "Uber-cute smile and stupefyingly amazing figure."

I only wish we had shot more sets and videos of Victoria. Victoria went back to nursing full-time, having had her fling with being immortalized in pictures and videos. I'm sure a lot of readers wish they could be really nursed by her.

Victoria found our website and contacted us. We'd have never known she existed otherwise. A while ago, I found a couple of minutes of video in which she chatted casually with one of our cameramen, and she mentioned that she was entertaining the idea of trying a hardcore scene with a professional cock. Of course, her boy-girl scenes never did happen. Yet I'm sure it's a fantasy she still has.

"I love to use a vibrator and a vibrating dildo at the same time while I watch… Read More »
Featuring: Victoria Lane
Date: February 28th, 2024
Duration: 16:38

Member Comments

She is so beautiful and her boobs are incredible. One of the best pair of amazing tan tits ever

Beautiful girl. Too bad
there's not many videos of

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