Whitney Stevens Pops the Cork

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Whitney Stevens Pops the Cork

"When I'm not doing porn scenes, I'm usually sexually passive," said Whitney Stevens, who in her prime was very rarely not doing porn scenes. "I usually wait for the guy to make the first move, unless I'm in a relationship. I don't have any fetishes unless you count big cocks. I have a big cock fetish. Big or very thick. If a guy can have a big-boob fetish, then a girl can have a big dick fetish, right?"

Sure, Whitney, whatever.

Whitney is Jewish and her older sister, Britney Stevens, is a porn star. Jewish porn stars are not unusual, by the way. There are a lot of them. Whitney was born in Panama and raised in California.

"I grew up in Palm Springs. It's kind of boring," she said. "A lot of golf."

Britney got Whitney into porn, so give her a big hand for looking out for her younger sister.

In this scene, Whitney pours water over her tits. Then her fuck buddy, a bartender, squeezes and sucks her tits. Then he eats her pussy. Then she sucks his cock. Then she gets fucked on top… Read More »
Date: October 19th, 2023
Duration: 16:21

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