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Double play

Featuring: Claudia KeAloha
Date: August 28th, 2015
Duration: 24:34
Claudia Kealoha was at SCORE recently. I dropped into the dressing room to say hi and see what was new. I always say, "Where in the world is Claudia Kealoha now?" because the busty exotic dancer is always living and dancing in different places for extended periods. Sometimes she's in Fort Lauderdale and sometimes Hawaii. She could be in Tampa or Sarasota. I think she was in Arizona once a couple of years ago. When I saw her in the dressing room, she was just in from Mexico City. This was the first time at SCORE that Claudia did a threesome with two guys. (She did a girl-girl-boy with Summer Sinn and Jean Val Jean in 2005.) This threesome was shot in 2013. It turned out that Claudia, who has a vivid and horny imagination, said a threesome with two dudes was one of her fantasies.

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