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Big buckin' boobs

Featuring: Olarita and Novis
Duration: 19:49
Olarita, or Olarita 2.0 since this was shot during her short comeback, was at her peak of boob perfection at the age of 37 in this scene. When our English photogs filmed her in 2007, her tits were big by everyday standards, not Voluptuous standards, and she barely squeaked into V-mag. She promptly dropped off the map for seven years. As women get older, they tend to put on weight, and in Olarita's case, the weight went to her breasts. Her tits are much bigger now, moving her into a true Voluptuous category with huge boobs and hefty, meaty ass cheeks. "I missed making videos and pictures," Olarita said with the assist from our interpreter. "I did not do anything for a long time. I enjoyed porn and masturbating. I masturbate every day I do not have a man, but that is usually to cum and then go to sleep. "This is different.

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