Daria's big, oiled tits

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Daria's big, oiled tits

Poor Daria. I feel sad. She opened a spa but there's a customer shortage. This makes no sense to me. Who wouldn't want a massage given by the soft hands of this sweet, big-busted heartbreaker? Since Daria has time on her hands with no customers, she gets on her table and gets hands-on, massaging her own breasts and shaved pussy. The oil flows.

"I like to feel sexy and beautiful," said Daria, one of the girls who lit up On Location North Coast on DVD and Blu-ray. "It gives me confidence. It's hard for people to guess in regular life that I'm a model."

I asked Daria to tell us more about herself.

"I sleep on my belly, hugging the pillow. I think I look good in jeans and high heels. Also, I think that office-style clothing is very sexy. I weighed my breasts. They are about 2.9 kilos [6 pounds] together. I love massage, teasing and saying things like 'I'm going to do______ with you.' Use your imagination."

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Featuring: Daria
Date: May 31st, 2021
Duration: 18:36

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