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Tata Temptress

"If a girl's too good to be true, that means she's a SCORE Girl."

That was my opinion about Korina Kova when she first appeared in SCORE. There are women and there are super-women.

Korina's road to becoming a model was entering a wet T-shirt contest.

"I didn't even show my tits in that contest and people were throwing money like crazy. I was having a good time. I finished doing that and one of my good friends was webcamming. I was like, 'Is this actually a thing?' So I pursued that, and then I was lucky enough to hear from The SCORE Group.

"I have a full-length mirror, so in my own time, I would just get in front of it and practice twerking. Left cheek, right cheek and back and forth until it was just natural. I'll be laying on the bed texting, shaking my butt, making my booty bounce. I think it's just a comfort thing. I do it when I'm standing, when I'm laying down. My friends say, 'C'mon, I don't have five dollars to give to you.'"

Korina won the Newcomer of the Year contest… Read More »
Featuring: Korina Kova
Date: October 11th, 2022
Duration: 11:47

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