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Micky In Latex

Micky Bells, the Queen of Cleavage, as we like to call her, absolutely bursts out of a Latex dress that can't possibly contain her.

Some guys like her thinner. Some guys like her plumper. Some guys like her just the way she is at any particular time. Because you can't argue with those tits. I'm happy to report that when Micky lost a lot of weight, she didn't lose a lot of boob. That's impressive for a natural.

But here, we're seeing the former V-mag Plumper of the Year at her bustiest: a 46-inch chest with J-cup whoppers.

"I feel very proud when people look at my big chest," Micky said. "Not a lot of women have large boobs like mine. In fact, women get operations and get fake breasts just to make them this big. I am glad that people like what they see and look at me. I like the attention. People always make comments. Sometimes they make bad comments about my breasts. They say things that hurt me because they are mad that I am not interested in their flirtation. Sometimes… Read More »
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: April 26th, 2024
Duration: 17:57

Member Comments

@Anonymous, Sapphire started with us in 2003. She was much slimmer but still voluptuous.

do you know if sapphire use to be a bit slimmer than she is now? You probably know who I'm talking about. She's a bbw model on

Lots of great self tit sucking in this vid! Great stuff!

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