Short, busty and sweet

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Short, busty and sweet

Sometimes when girls come to The SCORE Group and unleash their big tits, it's the start of a long, fruitful relationship with SCORELAND, the mags and the readers and members. That happens frequently.

And sometimes, the girls come to The SCORE Group, unleash their big tits a handful of times and move on with their lives, never to be seen again, at least with their racks out for all the world to see.

That happens more frequently than I'd like. It's happened recently with Lissa Hope (who actually fucked before she disappeared) and Dina Sahari, and it happened several years ago with H-cup Lara Jones, who actually had two different sessions in our satellite studio in Europe before she moved on with her life. With her big, heavy, chest-dominating naturals, Lara was one of the greats. She could have been even greater. Girls who are short 'n' naturally stacked are hard to come by and easy to cum to.

Please excuse that horrible pun.

"I like to show my boobs," Lara said. "If I didn't feel… Read More »
Featuring: Lara Jones
Date: May 31st, 2022
Duration: 21:49

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