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It is true, as Elliot pointed out in a previous posting, that I spent several days in Hungary with Melissa Mandlikova during the shooting of Busty Riding Academy and Hooter Hotel. It is also true, as Elliot pointed out, that I got to know very little about Melissa because her command of English, the only language I speak, is only slightly better than my command of Czech, the only language she speaks. So it's not really fair for me to characterize Melissa as quiet. We couldn't communicate!

I did see Melissa spending a lot of time with Terry Nova, another Czech who was on the trip, and I can tell you that even if Melissa is quiet, she sure isn't shy. One day, I walked by her while she was spreading her pussy on the lawn outside the estate where the shoot took place, and she didn't cover up at all when I walked by. She actually giggled.

Also, Kristy Klenot, who did a three-way tug job scene with Melissa and a guy, told me that Melissa is not nearly as innocent as she seems. So there… Read More »
Featuring: Melissa Mandlikova
Date: April 24th, 2024
Duration: 18:04

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