Lexi Slade jiggles, wiggles & wriggles

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Lexi Slade jiggles, wiggles & wriggles

Lexi Slade was encouraged by Korina Kova to model for SCORE. Lexi has very pliable tits with big areolae. The one thing she doesn't do in this video is self-suck her sucklers. This video has her bouncing, clapping and shaking them, some of it in slow motion. Showing her ass to the camera, Lexi twerks, and some of it is in slow motion. She sticks her fingers into her pussy and masturbates, erotically and passionately.

Lexi is into cosplay and ASMR videos. This is a class of videos in which the model whispers, smacks her lips and makes other low-key sounds that tingle the back of the neck and the spine. I didn't know how big this was until I checked it out on YouTube and other video sites.

"I have many fetishes," Lexi said. "One of the ones I figured out was my mommy fetish. I'm the oldest out of six, so I have always had a caring nature to me. I love being a domme mommy. Another fetish of mine is nylons and pantyhose. The look and feel of them really turns me on. I have a slight race… Read More »
Featuring: Lexi Slade
Date: October 17th, 2022
Duration: 20:29

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