In full belly-bump bloom

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In full belly-bump bloom

Models never fail to surprise me. When Lorna Morgan became pregnant for the second time in 2008, this time with twins, she posed in London. Now, the hottest Lorna had ever gone was pink spreads. No toys, no fingers inside her. Guys? No, never. So I never thought she would pose pregnant. I was wrong.

As a self-respecting editor, I just had to contact Lorna directly and talk to her about it. Second-hand info would not do. I still have over four pages of interview from that conversation in April 2008. Here's some of it.

You posed three-months pregnant for a set that ran in February '06 SCORE, but no further after that. What prompted you to pose a second time and this time so visibly pregnant?

"When I was pregnant with my son Leo, I was so worried about what my fans may make of it. Up until then, I was just a model, and fantasies of a model, a single girl, are not difficult to have. I imagined that becoming a mother might put off a lot of my new fans and maybe some of my loyal fans.… Read More »
Featuring: Lorna Morgan
Date: April 18th, 2024
Duration: 11:50

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