Hot Scot With A Big Fuckin' Toy

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Hot Scot With A Big Fuckin' Toy

When I went on Boob Cruise 5 in May 2000, Morgan Leigh was one of a handful of female passengers. She was not a model. The pretty, pale, fair-haired Scot was a D-cupper and would gaze longingly at the ultra-stacked SCORE Girls partying on the ship.

"She wants to be one of them," I thought. I remember having a drink or two with Morgan and her party circle during the evening festivities on the deck of The Legacy. If you had arrived from the future and told me that Morgan was going to start posing for SCORE with 30J tits in 2006, I'd have bought you a drink and called you the Duke of Edinburgh.

But that's exactly what Morgan did. A Brit friend of mine who is always in the know and was on that Cruise stayed in touch with Morgan over the years. He was one of the first people to find out that she'd super-sized her tits. He told me. And I told him to tell Morgan to contact me, and then I contacted our studio. That's easy for me because my desk is on the other side of the studio wall.… Read More »
Featuring: Morgan Leigh
Date: February 18th, 2024
Duration: 18:43

Member Comments

2 months ago 

She is awsome

One of the best photoshoots. Great angle showing pussy and big tits.

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