Stassi Rossi's toy show

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Stassi Rossi's toy show

Not your typical SCORE Girl because she has a 50" ass and not your typical V-Girl because she has big, augmented tits, 2020 SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year Stassi Rossi is here to show you her toy collection. Actually, it's show and tell as Stassi uses a pump, dildos, a wand, assorted vibrators and a bottle of baby oil on her stuff.

"I pretty much live out all my sexual fantasies in every video or cam-show I produce or shoot for SCORELAND," Stassi said. "It is my birthright to be pleasured and worshipped."

I'll say.

"My breasts are softy and jiggly," she said. "Bras are so uncomfortable. I usually go braless or I like to use silk ropes to discreetly bind my breasts under my blouses if I need an extra lift. If I have to hide my sensual superhero self, I will double down with two extra-large sports bras, a black turtleneck and my light California-chic leopard trench coat. I sleep naked and if I could walk around nude all of the time covered in coconut oil, I would! Most of the time,… Read More »
Featuring: Stassi Rossi
Date: August 29th, 2022
Duration: 17:48

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