Pink Lingerie Paradise

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Pink Lingerie Paradise

In the late '90s, Jessica Turner, Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Jade and several other UK sweater-stretching lovelies ran out onto the playing field and made the game more exciting when America seemed to fumble and drop the big-boob ball.

Terri Jane's decision to model ranks up there with other great moments in history, like man landing on the moon for the first time.

In the sensual atmosphere of the Caribbean, Terri Jane models frilly pink lingerie that's designed like a monokini. She can't keep her hands off her body and her heavy tits, hovering over the camera, squeezing her 30K tits and, in her breathy, English accent, whispering about the things she would like to do. "Naughty" is her favorite word.

Like many British girls, Terri is very chatty. She's from a small town near Birmingham, a city pretty much in the center of England.

"I am very easy going," she said. "I will talk to anyone, really, as long as they are not rude to me. I don't like when people are rude to me and come… Read More »
Featuring: Terri Jane
Date: January 23rd, 2024
Duration: 12:23

Member Comments

What an incredible body. 30K cupp tits and a huge booty. She is so beautiful and that pink monokini is mind melting. One of the best Solo scenes ever in Score. I love to watch it on slow motion. Stroking my big car xo very slowly and finally unleashed a massive load of hot cumm. It's amazing how many gallons of jizz has exploded for Score girls it's the only Porn I watch .

I wouldn't mind seeing Terri in a titty fuck scene.

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