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Milky Bebe

Featuring: Bebe Cooper
Date: February 2nd, 2017
Duration: 21:29
Ivory-skinned redhead Bebe Cooper's blue-veined, milky-white breasts capped by pointed nipples and wide areolae measured 41 inches in this scene. I always felt that Bebe looks like the lovely femme fatale of a classic film noir of the 1940s. I also felt that we didn't shoot nearly enough videos and layouts of her. We only have three videos. This girl was a treasure. Those who love lactating girls went nuts over this video. I'm not a milking fan, but I get why they did. She is the #1 go-to girl for mammary milking. Bebe milks her tits into a wine glass, filling over half of it. I wonder if the cameraman drank it after the shoot.

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