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Kneel before Bex

Featuring: Bex Shiner
Date: February 7th, 2018
Duration: 10:46
Dressed in a black fetish dress and knee-high black boots, Bex Shiner talks about domination and submission. She has a chain on her neck and wears wrist restraints and looks every inch the kinky domina. Bex flew to SCORE for her shoots. When I met her, I was impressed by her tits, her energy and her natural exuberance that so many British girls have. Bex first made her mark on the British version of the TV show Big Brother. "Everyone used to say to me, 'You should go on,' because in England, being on Big Brother is all about having a big personality. It's all about someone who stands out. So I went to one audition, and the guy said, 'She's too much. If we put her on the TV, she's going to go a bit crazy,' so he wouldn't put me on, but it got to the point where the producers wanted me on so bad, they begged the psychologist to spend a week with me and my mom at our house so my mom could convince him I wasn't crazy." I've been reading about Bex in the British tabloids. Their photographers must have a crush on her because they follow her around or camp out by her house.

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