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Lap Dance By The Gunns

Featuring: Crystal Gunns
Duration: 14:15
Crystal Gunns travelled the USA for seven years as an exotic dancer and became a columnist for SCORE magazine, writing about her life on the road. (The Gunns Show column is archived at SCORELAND.) She was also a great cheerleader for SCORE, always promoting her magazines and DVDs. So good at that, she became the spokesmodel for the 15 Year Anniversary at SCORELAND. When Crystal was visiting Miami for shoots, I wanted to take advantage of her stripping and lap dancing talents and this video filled the bill. She must have driven the lap dance consumers nuts with her sexy moves and this show is the proof. Later in the dance, Crystal whips out a vibrator which reminded me of a column she wrote in the October 2006 issue. At the Bada Bing club in West Palm Beach, Florida, Crystal wrote. "Every show was a dildo-insertion show, meaning I was up on stage fucking myself with dildos! As you can imagine, the guys moved closer to the stage when my dildo came out. And the guys were even allowed to help me, meaning they got to stick the dildo in my pussy and move it in and out. As you can imagine, a girl can get pretty worked up doing that four or five times a night, and the guys get pretty worked up, too." Everyone gets worked up seeing this POV lap and toy dance.

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