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Let it Snow

You know, everyone says we're in the age of great naturals, which we are, and that big-boob lovers no longer get excited by the super-slim and stacked girls of the 1990s. But then Morgan Leigh wins 2006 Newcomer of the Year, and Alena Snow finishes second for 2007 Model of the Year and I realize that maybe the real story is that there are so few girls like Alena and Morgan, they tend to get overshadowed by the naturals. That if, all of a sudden, we had an influx of super-slim, mega-stacked girls like Morgan and Alena, guys would embrace them.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I do know this: Alena finished second for top newcomer in a year where very few girls would have fared any better. That's because Christy Marks, the Model of the Decade for 2000-2009, was the winner. And she just wasn't going to get beat.

Alena measures 44-28-36, which surprised me because I would have bet that she'd be a member of "The 20 Club" (for girls whose chest measurement is at least 20 inches larger than their… Read More »
Featuring: Alena Snow
Date: February 14th, 2024
Duration: 20:02

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Alena snow is lovely

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