Cream for Cheryl Blossom

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Cream for Cheryl Blossom

We big-boob lovers have a lot to be thankful for. Among the things to be thankful for: Demmy Blaze and Cheryl Blossom.

Demmy, of course, has a pair of the biggest, firmest tits we've ever seen. She's a mammary marvel, and her boobs are still growing.

And she also discovered Cheryl and pointed her in our direction.

By the way, can you just imagine Demmy and Cheryl walking down the street together, both wearing tight, low-cut tops, short skirts and heels. The idea boggles the mind.

SCORELAND: How do you and Demmy know each other?

Cheryl: I have a friend who's a photographer, and one day he told me that he knows a girl with a big chest and she can help me with finding modeling jobs, so I wrote to Demmy. I don't think you'd call us good friends. We are just two girls who help each other and have a good relationship, and she told me about SCORELAND.

SCORELAND: What was your reaction when you saw SCORELAND for the first time?

Cheryl: I think I was a little surprised. Before it, I… Read More »

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Featuring: Cheryl Blossom
Date: December 9th, 2021
Duration: 19:44

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