Toujours Lamoure

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Toujours Lamoure

Apologies for the cornball title. Chloe Lamoure makes guys feel sloppy and sentimental...and want to give her a cum facial. Chloe is the kind of girl that everyone-girls and guys-checks out when she's walking around in public. You know, without any evidence, that Chloe wears tight booty shorts, high heels and a tight tank top when she leaves the house.

A SCORE editor first spotted Chloe and alerted the studio staff, which contacted the model agency representing the hot brunette. We then quickly arranged a shoot with the Prague squad.

There's a rich history of attractive girls who are drawn to literary sleazebags. Chloe is the first SCORE Girl, and the only girl I know of, who says she reads the work of raunchy, skid row American writer Charles Bukowski. Now that confirms Chloe is hotter than hot.

"One of my fantasies is many men massaging my breasts," Chloe said. "I love the feeling that guys can control me. If I don't have anyone to fuck me, I will masturbate. I… Read More »

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Featuring: Chloe Lamoure
Date: June 24th, 2021
Duration: 15:47

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