Daria's Sexy Fitness Time

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Daria's Sexy Fitness Time

"I prefer to do exercise outside in the fresh air," said Daria, a fantastic girl who modeled for us in Prague and the USA. Daria is easygoing, friendly and built like a goddess.

"I play a lot of sports," she said. "I wake up early to ride my bicycle or run. Not in winter, of course. I don't do sports just so my boobs will bounce for men, but if some men like that, it's great. I love sports for myself, and my boobs will bounce no matter what I do."

Daria joined Sha Rizel, Demmy Blaze, Codi Vore, Kitty Cute and Alexya for a week-long group shoot in the Caribbean called On Location North Coast. A true super-team of bust stars.

"I think the kind of clothes I look sexiest in are tight jeans with a tight shirt and high heels. I also think that an office look is very sexy and looks nice on me for certain occasions. It's hard to guess that I'm a model in regular life. People have an idea in their minds of a model that fits a certain way from TV and magazines. Very thin and tall with… Read More »

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Featuring: Daria
Date: November 30th, 2022
Duration: 16:21

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