Sweatin' with the titties

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Sweatin' with the titties

Janet Jade is one of those girls who defies words. Even SCORELAND's award-winning model Christy Marks was bowled over by Janet and her full, heavy, swinging DDD-cup naturals that make her a great SCORE Girl, and big, round booty that makes her a great BootyLicious girl, too.

Janet, who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, was a cheerleader in high school. Imagine that.

"I was the girl who could dance real good who had big boobs," Janet told me. "It was kind of a problem. I would just shake my pom-poms because I couldn't jump up and down with my boobs flying all over the place. I'd wear a tight-fitted unitard or a skirt with a bra, but there was no way I could hide my boobs. I knew people were looking at me and reacting to me. There's no way you could see my boobs in a cheerleader's outfit and not notice them, but people didn't say anything. I definitely saw them looking all the time."

Back then, Janet didn't like the attention. Hey, she was in high school. But later...

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Featuring: Janet Jade
Date: November 6th, 2023
Duration: 14:56

Member Comments

janet is alweays a pleasure to watch we always masturbate together I LOVE U JANET JADE

Janet makes me play with my cock till it goes off. Love you Janet.

more janet jade please

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