Meet Juliana Simms

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Meet Juliana Simms

Juliana Simms came to SCORELAND to show off her big, natural tits F-cups. In addition to her big rack, Juliana has a beautiful face, a shaved snatch and a nice, big ass. She was discovered by one of our model scouts in Europe.

"I love a lot of attention from men," said Juliana, who we're sure has no trouble getting it.

Elliot James asked Juliana to tell him something about herself that might be surprising, and she said, "I have two higher education degrees and my specialty is electrical science."

Big tits and brains. I know that's something society doesn't expect, but here at SCORELAND, we've come to learn that busty girls pretty much reflect the general population in all ways but their bodies and sexuality. Some of them are very smart. Some of them are average. Some of them were nerds in school. Some of them were cool chicks. There are all kinds. They're all busty.

Elliot also asked Juliana what makes her laugh, and she said "Looking at funny dogs."

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Featuring: Juliana Simms
Date: May 24th, 2022
Duration: 11:51

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