A busty dream named Juliana Simms

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A busty dream named Juliana Simms

"Boys started to notice me at 15 because of my big boobs," voluptuous natural Juliana Simms said. They still haven't stopped looking. Elegant, stylish Juliana says she likes when men stare at her big tits, which is all the time. But they also appreciate her curvy body. She's voluptuous all over. In a lot of ways, she is the classic V-Girl with her soft curves.

SCORELAND: Juliana, the clothing in your shoots...those are your personal clothes?

Juliana: Some of them but not all of them.

SCORELAND: Do you wear some of these outfits in public also?

Juliana: Yes, of course.

SCORELAND: Do you wear high heels around the house?

Juliana: At home? No. But I love high heels.

SCORELAND: How do other women react to your beauty and big breasts? Do they act envious?

Juliana: I often find women are envious. But that is life, no?

SCORELAND: What's an average night like for you?

Juliana: If I am alone, I like to watch TV, maybe take a walk with a friend. If I am with a man, I like sex more… Read More »
Featuring: Juliana Simms
Date: May 20th, 2021
Duration: 12:08

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