Korina Kova's show 'n' tell

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Korina Kova's show 'n' tell

"A few years back when I was a nine-to-fiver, I used to work at a golf course," said Korina Kova of Canada. "My job was to look good and ride around in the sun on a golf cart, pouring drinks. That was the most-fun job I've ever had until now."

Well, as I always like to say, being a SCORE Girl isn't a job. It's an adventure. In Korina's big tit adventure, she's become SCORE's first Canadian Newcomer of the Year (2018) and Model of the Year (2019). She also has one of the greatest asses ever seen.

"I like so many things about modeling," she said. "I like seeing my growth in front of the camera. It's opened me up to a lot of things I wouldn't have tried, made me more of an open person. It's definitely made me grow as a person. I've met new people I wouldn't have met. I'm happy to show it all to you."

SCORELAND: When you go out, do you dress to impress?

Korina: I definitely always underdress them, I would say. My style is more casual. I'll have my hair in a ponytail on days off. I… Read More »
Featuring: Korina Kova
Date: April 1st, 2021
Duration: 13:22

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