Lissa Hope: The American dream girl-next-door

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Lissa Hope: The American dream girl-next-door

I'm always interested in how a girl finds her way to SCORELAND. Lissa Hope came our way because of a friend.

"I have a friend who was always telling me that my boobs are perfect, and it took me a long time for me to believe that," Lissa told Dave in an on-location interview. "For me, they've always been there, so they don't even seem that big to me. He was always telling me, 'Oh, your boobs are perfect. I wish you'd do something more with them.' And I'd wanted to get into adult entertainment for a long time, and so he showed me SCORELAND and said, 'You'd be perfect for this. I bet they'll call you the next day.'"

Our model recruiter replied to her immediately.

"I was sitting in bed and I got a call and I thought, 'I think this number's from Florida.' So I answered, and the woman said we want you to come down to Miami this week. And I called my best friend and she said, 'If you don't do it, I'll stop being friends with you.' There was maybe 20 minutes of hesitation where I thought,… Read More »
Featuring: Lissa Hope
Date: March 7th, 2022
Duration: 15:03

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