The Name Raxxx Was Well-Chosen

Ricki Raxxx - Solo Big Tits video
In Autumn 2002, I called SCORE's New Discovery Ricki Raxxx "part of a new wave of American models that includes Harmony Bliss, Crystal Gunns, Rebecca Pauline, Lana Lotts, Lizzie Mills and Mia Miluv."

I don't know about Ricki, but the rest of the girls are all retired from stripping and modeling and have moved on. Ricki was dancing at the Filly Corral in Smithton, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh when SCORE discovered her. She was 21 years old and had been couch and stage dancing for three years.

Ricki's exotic looks come from her Lebanese and Italian background. She was one of the first SCORE Girls to have a very large tat, way before girls like Dors Feline and Terri Jane had them. It was a "tramp-stamp" pin-up of herself with wings and it was on her back, so there are very few photos of it. Later on, after her time at SCORE, she got many more tattoos on her arms, mainly of pin-up girls.

A very good model with a full-time, naturally sexy vibe, Ricki could…
Featuring: Ricki Raxxx
Date: February 12th, 2024
Duration: 13:53

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